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Things sure have changed in the last few months. First, I’m no longer Social Media Manager at Paramount Automotive freeing me from any need to avoid conflicts of interest. Second, it looks very much like I’m going to be moving out to New Hampshire. Third, I’m done with Seminary so my focus will be more on the Religible site than this one

Because of the move, I’ve had to sell the Ford Ranger (not enough room to move in the single cab/ it was never the best road warrior. I managed to get it restored to the level that everything but the interior and a few external things were sorted. Here’s how it turned out:

That’s the shade “Rust-o-leum Smoke”

Not bad for 200 bucks! I’m gonna post on how I did it too.


In Southern California, Sept. 2017 the used car market is/was terrible! I really wanted to stay team Ford but with the amount I got for the Ranger ($1800 ended up out maybe -$300 on it) there was hardly anything worth even test driving. Moving to a snow state with a California car is also an issue. We don’t get rust here and cars can live forever… yet that doesn’t mean the car’s finishes haven’t worn to the point that it won’t catch up to a non-CA car very quickly!

I also really hated the wife’s explorer’s handling.

Sooo, the new project Truck is a 95 S-10 Blazer 4×4.

Everyone is giving me crow for buying a Chevy, not because I talk trash per say, but I finally made it known that just because I’m a car guy I don’t have to like the 350 that in my opinion loses bearings or kills cams in the LS1, LS7, LT1 like a WW1 bi-plane. I also find it the “lazy” brand and have never got along with Chevy 350 builders (they up-sell way too hard/ they want it perfect but a perfect Chevy (very lose) is almost anyone else’s broken. Just way too serious for what’s sorta not. Like how I find craft beer or “designer-jeans” types).

And I let them know that… well now things are sorta awkward… But then again at least it doesn’t have a Dodge transmission! Or that Buick 350 I couldn’t afford to really sort out.


Chevy S-10 / Blazer Lower intake manifold gasket replacement:

I’m kinda kicking myself because I did the rad hoses and took of the dash to check the heater core and didn’t take any picks. It’s still leaking and I think it’s the lower intake manifold from signs it once leaked internally / how common it is on these Vortec engines (or stay tuned this Oct. for another head gasket video *yuck*).

The 4k camera on the other video’s was property of the boss, as was the Adobe Suit, so there might be some reduction in quality (but my video’s a dry “how too’s” anyways).

CPI Fuel injection service and Repair:

Because I’m going after the lower intake, I’m going to service the CPI fuel injection system (I smell a lot of fuel out the tailpipe another reason I’m thinking intake my vacuum gauge didn’t say valve) and at the same time I’ll be doing a tune up with the intake out of the way so ya’ll can see it really well.

I was going to diagnose the system piecemeal and show you how; I need this thing to go another 100k miles and hit the road ASAP. But even more than that, the CPI spiders have so dropped in price that at $100 getting any deep than saying it’s the system to chase the $50 dollar pressure regulator, the $20 poppet, the $75 pump… etc is not a good use of time (pump is easy to rule out, these don’t run with weak/dying pumps AT ALL).

The Nut kit at $45 is pricey though, but you’d need it to re-attach your old one… bunch of TSB’s on CPI.


This site is still under-construction right now, and I’ve also added some links to things I think are worth you buying that give me a little bit of cash to finance this thing. So if you click one, thanks for supporting! But either way, thank you for stopping buy! I strive to make it worth it! I’m working on setting up the ranger info into a standard archive and re-shaping things for a East-Coast/ West-Coast style split.